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SMART APPS CREATOR 3 OUTPUT APPS TO HTML5 – THE MOST ACCESSIBLE APP FORMAT Want to skip complicated publish steps, but don't have a way? Want to quickly spread your app to all device, but don't want your customers spend time downloading it? Directly output Apps to HTML5, we call it "App+H5." Just put App+H5 to web server. View HTML5 online. Your app is viewed as HTML5 online. No more publish trifles anymore!
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MESSAGE DELIVERY Send news/notifications to unlimited devices. Deliver messages in just at your fingertips.
LINK DATABASE EASILY Smart Apps Creator 3 Table View function links .JSON format data or open data to your apps. We even provide “excel convert to .JSON data service,” helping your app more functional than ever.
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INSERT YOUTUBE Smart Apps Creator 3 supports YouTube. Insert YouTube video quickly into your app. Make your app more fun and attractive.
TEXT-INPUT INTERACTIVITY Text-input Interactivity let apps interact with viewers through wordings.
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PHONE CALL Support phone call function. Connect the world instantly.


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