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Quad42 Quad42 provides templates for setting up zones to schedule and play your content, and simple content authoring to facilitate dynamic messaging. Your content can be simple texts, text scrolls, static images, graphics, pre-recorded videos and streaming videos. Quad42 makes the signage interactive and integrate with best-of-breed systems that help you create an omni-channel experience for your audience. WHY QUAD42? Most digital signage solutions and Out-Of-Home (OOH) media solutions did not fulfill their initial promise due to a simple reason – their content wasn’t relevant and it wasn’t dynamic. They couldn’t engage and sustain the interest of their audience, which eventually led to their failure. We understand these dynamics and have developed a digital signage platform with an AI Engine that allows authoring, storage, management and scheduling of all types of content. It keeps your signage displays dynamic and relevant to your audience.
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