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Software for Architecture and Construction ArCADiasoft (formerly INTERsoft) came into being in Łódź in mid-1997. Company ArCADiasoft Chudzik sp.j. is a Polish software company operating in the building software market. The author's programs are useful in everyday engineering work, simple and intuitive, thought through in the smallest detail, and at the same time technically based on the most modern technology. Contemporary work of the designer requires complete programs. A company that can meet these challenges is ArCADiasoft with the necessary expertise covering the entire spectrum of building issues, relevant technical and technical backgrounds, and building on years of experience in building software for the building industry. ArCADia applications have IFC format support, which allows you to collaborate with such programs as: Allplan, Archicad, Revit. ArCADia has become a showcase for the company, has long been known for its architects and building engineers. ArCADia is a building information database that provides data and information on all elements of an architectural project using ArCADia as an overlay on IntelliCAD. or Autocad. It is an innovative open system that includes three time zones (design, implementation and operation), and further in each of them three further spatial areas (urbanism, object, detail), meaning that other software vendors can include their own applications. . Products
1. ArCADia 10 What is ArCADia 10? ArCADia is a program supporting 2D and 3D design. Due to its operational philosophy and the same data saving format (DWG), it closely resembles the Autocad program. Read More....
ArCADia 10
2. ArCADia 10 Plus
What is ArCADia 10 PLUS? The ArCADia 10 PLUS software has all the features of the ArCADia LT and ArCADia software and, in addition, is enhanced with the following functions: • The option to create and fully edit ACIS solids. ACIS files are based on the block modelling format developed by Spatial Technology Inc. • It allows for precise work on full solids, penetration, sums, differences, etc. • File import and export in the SAT format.
ArCADia 10 Plus
Read More.... 3. ArCADia AC
What is ArCADia AC ? ArCADia AC is an add-on to the AutoCAD software which enables the embedding and communications of the ArCADia systems base functions with the AutoCAD software. COMMUNICATION WITH THE AUTOCAD SOFTWARE • ArCADia AC is a special version of the system that allows to install it with the AutoCAD software
Read More.... 4. ArCADia LT 10
ArCADia LT 10
What is ArCADia LT 10? ArCADia LT is a fully functional, easy-to-operate and intuitive CAD program that allows object-oriented creation of 2D building documentation and saving files to the 2013 DWG format. It is a basic graphic design tool for the construction industry in its broadest sense. Read More....



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